Friday, May 15, 2015

I’m just a blog. Yes, I’m only a blog.

I was also thinking of titling this “Greetings and Salutations . . . you a Heather?”

So, yeah this is happening.  A new blog in Howard County that hopefully will hit some new territory but I certainly understand that others have treaded in this general field before.   In a nutshell I am a new school progressive, I am a Democrat by registration and have been my whole life.  While not a particular party loyalist or activist I see benefit in buying into the two party system and find the Democratic party overwhelmingly matches my views as compared to the alternative.  The name of the blog should give you a clear insight into my perspective.  If you don’t know the reference the Google machine is here to serve.  I can wait a minute while you Google it . . . Wait, let me get that for you.

I will talk a little about my viewpoints and perspectives for this blog but it seems important that I begin with the discussion of the most obvious feature of this blog – I am writing it anonymously.  I didn’t come to this decision lightly, in fact I really struggled with it before I finally decided it was the right decision.

As anyone who has spent any time on the internet knows, a lot of horrible things have been said and done under the protections of anonymity.  Truthfully, I have on rare occasion even said things online I would not have if I had to do so with my name attached.  That is not why I decided to go it anonymously.  I am moving forward with the understanding that someday it is very likely that my identity will be revealed, either through my choice or through just the right person putting together just the right clues.  I have no intention of saying anything that I would be upset were it to be attributed to me personally.

So, why be anonymous then?  While I don’t believe this to be unique to Howard County, certainly here in Howard County we spend far more time dissecting the messengers over the message.  In dozens of policy debates, online discussions, and community meetings, I have watched the noise about a messenger’s motivations or background or bias fill up the space so that NO ONE hears the message.  While I am no one of particular significance in our community, my hope here is that I can stay anonymous long enough that folks will judge this blog, my thoughts ideas and positions, on their merit and not on their flawed messenger.

What am I going to talk about?  Good question imaginary question asker.  Local politics mostly, I have a keen eye on the new Republican administration and with an almost complete lack of local media I do feel someone should be paying attention.  Local politics, regional politics, community engagement and observations from the not so mean streets of HoCo.  That’s it; email me if you like  I’ll be tweaking the layout, the format, and the commenting sections in the days and weeks to come so bear with me on that.   I already know the comment section is the first place I’ll have to figure it all out and I am eagerly awaiting my first troll.  Do we still have internet trolls in Howard County? Or have they all retreated to their dark corners of the internet and/or Howard County?

HoCo Jurgis Rudkus


  1. Not a troll... I promise! But I suppose that's what all trolls say. Enjoyed your first four posts and looking forward to more!

  2. Looking forward to more posts!